Masachapa beach Nicaragua

Masachapa Beach Nicaragua

Masachapa Beach It is perhaps the most popular beach for national swimmers during Easter Week and on the weekends of the hot Nicaraguan summer.

The beach is huge and flat, walking on it is a luxury and the sunrise and sunset is spectacular.

All along the beach there are small rock formations that break the monotony of the landscape.

During the day you can observe the groups of fishermen arriving with their boats loaded with fish and seafood,

who can be bought fresh fish at affordable prices.

The beach is quite quiet and is prepared for tourism, there are hotels, lodgings, restaurants and canteens;

you can also practice water sports, as well as rent a horse for walks on the beach.

You can get an idea of the beauty of the beach by knowing that it was the one that inspired the famous Nicaraguan composer Rafael Gastón Pérez to the famous song of the 70s,

"When the sun heats", whose original title was "When the sun heats in Masachapa".


To get to Masachapa beach is simple, it can be done from San Rafael del Sur or from a detour to the left of the old road to Managua-León, this last option is preferable if you come from the capital.

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