Pueblo nuevo, Esteli

Pueblo Nuevo

Where is Pueblo Nuevo located?

It is the stellar town located to the North, located 200 kilometers from the capital Managua, and 52 kilometers from the departmental head, city of Estelí.

Pueblo Nuevo Nicaragua History

Pueblo Nuevo offers a diversity of attractions that we can not miss, prehistoric finds and archaeological remains of the oldest of the Continent, as well as the Tepesomoto-La Patasta Nature Reserve. It is a good place to eat or drink an excellent coffee produced in the region's ecological farms, a peaceful northern town.

In the town center of this town we can start by visiting the Santísima Trinidad Parish, built in the 14th century, where we are struck by its rustic appearance provided by the materials with which it was built, stone and lime.

In the Municipal Park we can take a walk between large statues of mastodons and sloths, which indicate that in this municipality were found remains of these prehistoric animals. A highly recommended visit especially if you are traveling with children, who will be fascinated by the size and realism of these reproductions.

Pueblo Nuevo

Pueblo nuevo, Esteli

Know your history

We can not fail to visit The House of Municipal Culture, where in its Precolombian Archaeological Museum we will be able to observe pieces found in all the territory of this municipality. In the year 1997 in the community of San Antonio, were discovered the remains of a human body belonging to a woman of about 20 or 25 years that date between the 600-800 years after Christ. Nowadays the body is exhibited in the Museum and is its main attraction, known as the "New People's Princess".

There are several communities in this town where archaeological remains have been found: San Antonio community, Santa Teresa de Guazuyuca, the community of the Mansion and the Virgin with its monoliths.

A must visit is the Paleontological Park El Bosque, located 12 kilometers from the town on the road to the municipality of Limay. In this place were discovered in the year 1974 paleontological remains that date between the 20,000 and 30,000 years of antiquity (time of the Pleistocene of the Cenozoic era).

The fossils and remains of dentures found belong to Megaterio, Gliptodonte, Mastodonte and Tortuga Marina (mammoths, giant sloths of more than 6 meters and giant armadillos of about 2,000 kilos). Also human instruments have been found such as axes or spearheads. These findings confirm the existence of human life of the oldest in Central America (13,000 years old).

The Visitors Center is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. at 4:00 pm.

Pueblo nuevo, Esteli

Pueblo nuevo, Esteli

La Patasta, part of the Tepesomoto-La Patasta Nature Reserve, is located 15 kilometers from the municipality of Pueblo Nuevo. The reservation The entrance to the Reserve is located 2 kilometers after the "Bosque". Within the Reserve you can enjoy a cool and pleasant climate, hiking while you know the richness of its fauna and flora, horseback riding or visit its organic farms for coffee production.

The patron saint festivities of Pueblo Nuevo are from October 22 to 25 in honor of Saint Raphael the Archangel. The patron saint of the municipality is the Holy Trinity.


If you travel in your own vehicle from Managua you will have to follow the Panamericana highway heading north. Once you have passed the city of Estelí you have to continue on the Pan-American Highway heading for Somoto-Ocotal, about 40 minutes, until you find a junction (junction of the Shell of Palacagüina Km. 193) that goes to two towns: Palacagüina by hand Right and New Town to Left Hand. After about 13 km on cobblestone road approximately will arrive to Pueblo Nuevo.

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