Playa Marsella San Juan del Sur

Playa Marsella - San Juan del Sur - Nicaragua

Playa Marsella it is a bay of fishermen and summer houses located right next to San Juan del Sur, only about 5 km to the north side.

Playa Marsella, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Playa Marsella has an amazing beach sand fine and white that stretches along the bay. And it has the neighboring bay to Playa Maderas.

Crocodile on marsella beach

there is a crocodile called "Paco" on Marsella beach, right at the mouth of the estuary that reaches the beach. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to the danger signs.
You can see it in the next picture:

cocodrilo playa marsella

In La Concha restaurant is the only place around San Juan and surroundings where you can eat longorones, a shellfish elongated only she knows how to find.

Its appeal lies not in its waves if not in the calm waters and surrounding hills can be seen with abundant species of tropical trees.

Activities that can be performed on this beach are: swimming, hiking, sea turtle nesting, kayaking, horseback riding, sports or fishing, boating or sailing dinghy ride for whale watching.

Hotels in Playa Marsella

In the area also it has some accommodations, Hotels and hostels that you can see in our Hotels of San Juan del Sur directory.

How to get?

If traveling by private vehicle should go to the city of San Juan del Sur, and just before reaching the village, take the road to the right where you will see a sign that help point the way to this beach .

Travelling by public transport is not possible to reach this beach, so another option is to take the taxi service from the municipal market of San Juan del Sur.