Nandaime is the second municipality in importance of the department of Granada, the name is of origin Chorotega and comes from "nanda-ime" that means "arroyo-abundancia".

The site has historically had three sites, since the natives already inhabited it, although at first it was on the shores of the lake, they had to move it by the constant floods of the zone.

In the second site, on the banks of the Mombacho volcano, a devastating eruption in 1570 destroyed it, forcing the population to a new migration to where the current site is.

Its main economic activity is agriculture, with rice, cane and corn crops.

As well as livestock, because in the municipality is an industry of beef production that is the main engine of the municipal economy.

Touristically it does not have great interest in special, although the city owns several dining rooms and restaurants, as well as lodgings and hotels.

Community tourism has recently developed in the municipality.

The patron saint festivities are on July 26 in honor of Santa Ana and San Joaquin Patrons of the municipality, with the traditions: Typical dances, El Atabal Cartel, Poems The Encamisados, The Dance of the Bird La Sirena, The Tecolota The Devils, The Indians.


From Managua take the road to Masaya crossing Masaya until the Roundabout of Las Flores, where you must turn right - it is signposted.​

You will pass through the city of Catarina; Continue until you reach another road, which starts in Granada direction Nandaime, when you find the Mombacho right in front of you at the next junction of roads (junction of the guanacaste); There you will find the entrance to the village.

By bus from Managua at the UCA station heading for Granada to Nandaime until you reach the Guanacaste stop, located at km 50 of the road from Granada to Nandaime.