san marcos Nicaragua

San Marcos - Carazo - Nicaragua

San Marcos is Located a few kilometers to the west of Masatepe (Department of Managua), the small town of San Marcos is characterized by being in a very productive area of coffee, where at the time of cutting the city revolves around the precious product.

San Marcos University

San Marcos is the seat of a major university at the National level and its streets live the youthful university spirit.

Tourism in San Marcos

In the city there are several restaurants and dining rooms, as well as some lodges and hotels, recently have also located some farms that offer ecotourism experiences.

Festivities in San Marcos

If you visit the area around the 24 and 25 of April, it is worth seeing their patron saint festivities, in honor of San Marcos. Also very interesting is the feast of the 27th of April, where the Virgin of Montserrat is venerated.

San Marcos Nicaragua

Telephone numbers of interest

Mayor's Office: 25352575

Red Cross: 25352217

National Police: 25352296

How to get to San Marcos