Moyogalpa - Ometepe Island


Moyogalpa, the capital of  Ometepe Island

The city of Moyogalpa on the Island of Ometepe, Rivas.

Moyogalpa is the administrative capital of the Island of Ometepe, although the island of Ometepe belongs to the department of Rivas.

In the City Hall of Moyogalpa is the service center of the whole island of Ometepe.

History of Moyogalpa

The name Moyogalpa comes from the Nahuatl language and means "town of mosquitoes or mosquitoes" and is where the port is located that receives the ships and ferries that come from the port of San Jorge in Rivas.

It is a small town, very quiet and safe, with an economy based on tourism and commerce, since it is the one that receives any merchandise that prevents from the rest of the department.

The port of Moyogalpa

In itself does not have much particular charm, most of the buildings were constructed recently and the city has been created in cuadricular form, which is easy to be located by its streets. With a certain slope that takes you to the port, true nerve center of the city.

It has useful sites for tourists such as lodges and hotels, as well as restaurants and bars, cybercafes to connect to the internet, tourist information points, car rental sites, tour operators, local guides, shops selling merchandise, clothing and Pharmacies

As a curious fact, it is said that in Moyogalpa already lived settlers in the year 10,000 AC. In addition, it was one of the first indigenous settlements in Central America. Also in times of the revolution, it had great importance in the years previous to the final insurrection of 19 of July of 1979.


If you visit the city on July 26, you will be able to spend together with the islanders the patron saint festivities in honor of Santa Ana, where there are many typical dances with ancestral attire and cocoa and corn drinks, the most popular being chilate.

Telephone numbers of interest:

  • Town Hall: 2569-4213
  • Hospital: 2569-4247
  • National Police: 2569-4231
  • Port: 2569-4109