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Museo El ceibo Ometepe

El Ceibo Ometepe Museum is located along the road from Moyogalpa to Altagracia.

Located 8.2km from the Port of Moyogalpa and 2.8km from the port of San José del Sur, the entrance to the Museum of Ometepe is marked with a huge sign on the main road, making it impossible to get lost to get to the Museum The Ceibo of Ometepe.

Private interesting Museum

museo ometepe

Located on a private estate with a hotel, El Ceibo Museum of Ometepe is a personal initiative of Moises Ghitis, inhabitant of the island and fond of archeology and history who began to collect all kinds of objects of cultural importance of the island of Ometepe. A place full of remains and pre-Columbian objects. Moisés began this collection at a very early age in 1976.

Currently certified as the largest private collection of pre-Columbian objects and vestiges of Nicaragua, it is open to the public so that the history of Nicaragua can be known.

The timetable for visitors to the Museum is from 8am to 5pm.

El Ceibo Museum of Ometepe has two buildings:

The pre-Columbian collection:

consisting of about 3,000 pieces, some more than 5,000 years old, which is divided into several exhibition halls organized by themes:Funeral Urns Room, where different types of funeral urns used by the ancestors of the Island of Ometepe are displayed, with a faithful reproduction of a tomb of a Shaman, with the original objects, the bones and a gold piece of the shaman.

Ceramic Room, where a huge collection of ceramics is displayed in chronological order, where you can see perfectly the artistic evolution of the villagers for hundreds of years.Stone Room, where tools, grinding stones and petroglyphs are displayed.

Representation Room of La Mujer, where objects are shown and explains the fundamental role of women in pre-Columbian society.Dog Room Xulo, where the dog is exhibited xulo, an animal that was revered in the past.Body Decorations Room, which shows the different body adornments used by the pre-Columbian tribes that inhabited the island.

Ometepe museum

Ometepe museum

Numismatic Museum

where you can find all the coins and notes of Nicaragua since its foundation. In addition to several bills and coins of Central American republics and photographs, pictures and historical documents of the country