Miraflor Esteli

Miraflor - Moroponte Nature Reserve

Where is Miraflor located?

An idyllic place to enjoy peace, biodiversity and the absence of heat, located 25 kilometers from the city of Estelí. The Miraflor Moropotente Nature Reserve was declared a protected area in 1999 and is actually two protected natural areas (the Miraflor area and the Moropotente area) that are managed as one.

Watching the sunset from one of its viewpoints is a unique experience. The sunrise is something to admire as you can see how the fog gradually uncovers that wonderful place that you never want to leave again.

The Reserve is mostly in the department of Estelí, between the municipalities of Estelí and Condega and to a lesser extent in the department of Jinotega, between the municipalities of Yalí and Concordia.

Miraflor Esteli

In the area of ​​the reserve lives a population of about 5,000 inhabitants, mostly engaged in agriculture (production of vegetables and organic coffee), livestock and eco tourism or sustainable rural tourism. Within the Reserve we find an extensive offer of accommodation which offers a great variety of services, from trekking, to horseback riding to yoga and meditation.

biodiversity in Miraflor

The fauna of this Reserve is of great wealth and variety, we find more than 236 species of birds, among which is the quetzal, the Trogonés or the guardabarranco (national bird). Among the most prominent mammals we find deer, roadrunners, rabbits or congos monkeys. As for the flora, there are more than 200 species of orchids and bromeliads.

The Natural Reserve is divided into three zones according to the height above sea level.

The first area we find is the low area (between 900 and 1100 meters high) is formed by "dry forest of varied broadleaf"

The Rio Estelí crosses this area and invites us to enjoy refreshing baths in one of its pools: the Whirlpool, the Ahogado, the Lata, the Long or the coffee puddle, which has a depth of 2 meters. It emphasizes the jump of the Three Waterfalls, that as it indicates the name are three consecutive jumps that are formed in the winter season (May to November) the first jump has a fall of about 32 meters in height and the second jump has about 20 meters Of height.

The Mirador La Meseta, at a height of 1100 meters located 14 kilometers from Estelí, offers us a panoramic view of the city, at night is spectacular. Near the viewpoint can swim in the Salto la Estancia Los Volcanitos that in winter time has a height of about 34 meters.

Between the 1300 and 1500 meters of height is the intermediate zone conformed by "tropical forest of oak and conifers" and corresponds to the Table of Moropotente.

There is no oak that does not have suspended in some of its branches the mountain pasture, characteristic image of the reserve that envelops the forests of an air between magical and mysterious.

If we want to take a bath with fairly cold and crystalline waters we can visit the Poza Azul about 3 meters deep or PozaLa Pila, with its waterfall of about 5 meters and a pool of about 3 meters deep.

Miraflor Esteli

From the watch tower located in Mirador Las Nubes, in the community of El Sontules, you can see the three areas of the reserve and its rich landscape. From the gigantic rock of Mirador La Peñita you can see part of the first two areas of the reservation.

In the highest part of the Reserve is the high zone formed by "humid tropical broadleaf forest nebliselva", one of the largest forested areas of the entire region of Las Segovias.


In this area there are several viewpoints, El Mirador de Yalí, located in one of the highest points of the reserve on the path of the dream inn, El Mirador El Silencio, in the community of the Jilguero and Mirador Los Apantes, located in the Border of the low and intermediate zone.

In this area we find the Cascada Barranco Blanco, with a jump of about 47 meters, access to the waterfall is a challenge for the more adventurous as it is necessary to do abseiling / climbing. In the community of the Goldfinch, we find the Cascada el Jilguero with a jump of about 15 meters in height.

In the community of Cebollal, there is the Environmental Management Center, where we can visit the Coffee Catchment Laboratory and the Orchid Garden, which has 45 different species of orchids. In the same community we find an archaeological site. There have also been pre-Columbian finds 7 kilometers from the municipality of La Concordia, where several stone engravings have been found, are Los Petroglyphs of Santa Ana.

One of the major attractions of this high zone is the Lagoon of Miraflor, of volcanic origin of the time of the tertiary with a height of 1380 meters and a maximum depth of 20 meters.

The La Chorrera jump in the winter time has a drop of over 65 meters, getting to the point is difficult because of its location, but worth it.


If you travel by own car from the city of Estelí, you have  take the road that goes to Yali, the entrance of this road is on the right hand side of the Gasolinera Uno de Estelí. If you travel by public transport, you have to take a bus in the north cotran (bus terminal that goes to the Area of the country). Departure times are: 6:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 1:30 p.m. And 4:30 p.m.