Quiabúc - Las Brisas  Nature Reserve

Where is nicaragua located?

The Quiabú-Las Brisas Nature Reserve, is located 12 kilometers west of the city of Estelí, and has an area of 14,357.21 hectares. It was declared a nature reserve in 1991.


The Reserve is located mostly in the department of Estelí, in the municipalities of Estelí and San Juan de Limay, and to a lesser extent in the department of León, in the municipalities of Sauce and Achuapa.

The highest mountain in the Reserve is the Cerro La Fila with 1608 meters of height, followed by the hill Las Brisas with 1,603.8. From the tops of these two hills we can enjoy spectacular panoramic views.


In the Reserve, three ecosystems are identified: Pine Forest, Mixed Forest (Oak Pine), Broadleaved Forest and Agroecosystems. They inhabit in the reserve 34 species of mammals, where it emphasizes the 12 varieties of bats.

This Reserve has suffered in the last decades an important deforestation and as a consequence have disappeared many of the species of wild animals that inhabited in the zone. There were tigers, deer and coyotes, as well as monkeys, garrobos and mapachines, at present it is very difficult to find any of these animals.

In the Reserve we can go hiking, enjoy its panoramic views or take a bath in Salto La Golondrina. There are several eco-farms that offer lodging, camping or hiking services.

How to get Quiabúc - Las Brisas Nature Reserve

You can only reach the Reserve by private vehicle, on foot or by beast, because there is no public transport. It requires a vehicle with double traction due to poor road conditions.

To get to the Reserve you have to go to the community of La Montañita, but there is no signage.