San Juan del río Coco

San Juan de Río Coco

Coffee production in San Juan

San Juan del Río Coco is a municipality of important coffee production is located in the north of the country, in the department of Madriz, 205 kilometers from the capital Managua, and 65 kilometers from the Somoto departmental head.

Its climate is tropical humid and its average temperatures oscillate between 22º and 24º, in the nights especially in the rainy season, temperatures drop considerably so it is recommended to wear a sweater and have a good blanket on hand.

San Juan del río Coco

It was recognized as a town on October 1, 1965.

To 8 kilometers of the municipality we find with the well-known "Jet of the Virgin" a jump of water where we find an altar to the Virgin.

As the region is rich in coffee production and also orange and plantain, there are agro-tourism farms in the area that have been adapted to offer visitors the possibility to stay and learn about the whole process of production of these traditional products in the region. If you are looking for tranquility, sunrise in the mist with the roosters singing as an alarm clock and the smell of freshly baked tortillas with a rich coffee, without hesitation San Juan is its ideal place.

Majaste Nature Reserve

An interesting visit is the Natural Reserve El Majaste, which is waiting to be decreed municipal ecological park. In this reserve you can enjoy a walk in the Nebliselva forest, admire the great variety of flora and if you are lucky you can cross with some Congo monkey, anteater, deer, fox or toucans, among others.

San Juan del río Coco

There is also a Private Wild Reserve "Finca El Carmen" The Reserve is located on the Carretera San Juan de Rio Coco 100 meters north, Municipality of El Jícaro, Department of Nueva Segovia

You can not go to San Juan del Rio Coco and not bathe in the longest river in Central America, Coco River or Wangky.


If you travel in your own vehicle from Managua you have to head over the Pan-American Highway towards the north of the country, direction Estelí-Somoto-Ocotal. At the junction of Shell Palacagüina you have to take the paved road on the right, cross the municipality of Palacagüina, passing the bridge towards San Juan del Rio Coco.

San Juan del río Coco

If you travel by public transport from Managua, you have to go to the Mayoreo bus terminal and take a bus that goes to the city of Estelí. Once in Estelí you have to go to the bus terminal in the north, about 500 meters from the south terminal, and hop on a bus that goes to San Juan del Rio Coco or Quilalí