Santuario de Cacaulí


A January 8, 1990 appeared to the then child Francisco Tercero Dávila, known with the name of "Panchito", the Virgin of Conception. Over the years the fame of the appearance of the Virgin in this place has transcended not only the borders of the department of Madriz, but also the borders of Nicaragua.


Parishioners' meeting

From then on the 8th of each month they meet at the same point where a modest altar was built, sit and thousands of believers waiting for the appearance of the one already known as the Virgin of Cacaulí. On December 8, up to 15,000 parishioners have been gathered.


When do parishioners meet?

On the 7th and 8th of each month, food sellers, reliquaries and stamps, statues of the Virgin come to this place. They highlight the brochures with the messages of the Virgin that are elaborated by hand by the Marian sisters of Ocotal that offer them to the modest price of 5 córdobas.


The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Cacaulí is located 3 kilometers north of the Esso gas station in the sector of Cacaulí. To get there, from the Estelí-Somoto, you must take the first entrance to Cacaulí, from there it follows a dirt road for a mile and a half until you find the entrance that goes to the Sanctuary.