location of telpaneca

Telpaneca is a small and quiet municipality in the north of the country, in the department of Madriz, is located 217 kilometers from the capital Managua and 42 kilometers from the Somoto departmental head.

The municipality of Telpaneca has a dry tropical climate and its average temperatures range between 23 and 32 degrees.


This municipality was founded in the year 1,626 and its meaning in Nahuatl is "neighbors of the river of the ringlera of stones".

At the entrance of the town we find the Hermitage of Our Lady of Guadalupe dating from 1622. In the center of the town we find the Parochial Church of Cristo Rey neoclassical style and where you can see an altar from the colonial era.

municipality with indigenous roots

As a municipality with indigenous roots Telpaneca preserves its traditions and has its office of the indigenous community.

This area is especially dedicated to the cultivation of coffee, orange and banana, having conditioned some of its productive farms in agritouristic farms, where it offers the possibility to know more closely the production process of the different rubles, enjoying A quiet stay in the middle of nature and enjoying the typical foods of the north.


Telpaneca celebrates its patron saint festivities in honor of its Patron Saint, Saint John the Baptist, every June 24 of each year.


If you travel in your own vehicle from Managua you have to head over the Pan-American Highway towards the north of the country, direction Estelí-Somoto-Ocotal. At the junction of Shell Palacagüina you have to take the paved road on the right, cross the municipality of Palacagüina, passing the bridge towards San Juan del Rio Coco.

If you travel by public transport from Managua, you have to go to the Mayoreo bus terminal and take a bus that goes to the city of Estelí. Once in Estelí you have to go to the bus terminal in the north, about 500 meters from the south terminal, and hop on a bus that goes to San Juan del Rio Coco or Quilalí.