volcano maderas ometepe island

Volcano Maderas - Ometepe Island - Nicaragua

Excursion or Tour to the Volcano Maderas of the Island of Ometepe

Brief History of Maderas Volcano

At 1394 meters high and located to the south of the island, the Maderas volcano is recognized worldwide for its biosphere and its natural landscapes, in its forests are numerous species, both animal and vegetable.

To ascend it is recommended to leave from Merida if you want to enter by the south side or from the area of ​​Balg, if you want to enter the north face.

volcano maderas ometepe island

volcano maderas ometepe island

The excursion is quieter than in the Concepción volcano and can be done in 4 or 5 hours. While you are in your jungle you are likely to see wild animals such as monkeys, birds, frogs and even some snakes.

At the summit of the volcano is the Laguna Maderas.

The views from there are not as spectacular as from the Concepcion volcano, but the excursion is not wasted due to its encounter with nature.

volcano maderas

Volcano Maderas View to Volcano Concepcion

For the trip, it is highly recommended that you carry water in abundance, since the humidity and heat will make you sweat a lot and it is important to be hydrating at all times. As well as bring foods, such as fruits or prepared sandwiches that provide energy.

Remember that ascent to the volcano without a duly accredited guide is prohibited by local authorities and is not recommended.