playa la flor san juan del sur

Playa La Flor

Playa La Flor - San Juan del Sur -Nicaragua

Playa La Flor it's the most famous beach on the south side of San Juan del Sur and according to travelers the most beautiful of the Nicaraguan Pacific.

Paslama Turtles arrivals on Playa La Flor

This beach was declared Natural Wildlife Reserve by the multiple arrivals of Paslama turtles that happen year after year between the months of July and January.

This makes it a privileged beach because it is one of the few in the world that receives annually the arrival of turtles of the species Paslama.

La Flor is a wide beach and fine sand, delimited by rock formations.

playa la flor san juan del sur

playa la flor san juan del sur

Natural Reserve Playa La Flor

Within this reserve there is no presence of hotels or restaurants, only an infrastructure belonging to the MARENA (Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources) monitoring post that was established there for the monitoring of arrivals and hatchings.

So all kinds of food should be carried by the visiting tourists.

How to get to Playa La Flor:

To get there, head south to the town of San Juan del Sur (150km from Managua).

And before you enter, you must take the road that goes to Playa El Ostional, follow the dirt road and from there on you will be able to see signs that guide you towards to Playa La Flor. (It is not advisable to go through this road in rainy season without 4x4).

By public transport you can take a bus that goes to "El Ostional" this can take at the terminal of the San Juan del Sur municipal market, you must ask the driver to leave it at the entrance of the reserve and from there you must walk A bit until you get to the beach.