playa ostional san juan del sur

Playa Ostional - San Juan del Sur - Nicaragua

Playa Ostional 

Playa Ostional it is located on the Pacific coast 26 kilometers from San Juan del Sur, municipality of Rivas and 167 kilometers from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua.

The beach El Ostional is of soft sand, is wide and imposing and is full of beautiful rocks.

Its name comes from the great amount of oysters that were in the zone at the time of its discovery, which produced the greed of the settlers and annihilated to the town that inhabited this zone.

Playa Ostional Natural Beach

This is a little known and visited beach, so it remains almost virgin, this condition turns it into a quiet beach that, despite its beauty does not count on its coasts with resources to make major tourist investments.

However in Playa Ostional there are the conditions to enjoy a spectacular beach day; We offer tours of the community to go fishing, whale watching, dolphins and turtles or visit nearby beaches and surf.

Kayaking, horse riding, hiking and boat trips are the most attractive options. From San Juan there is a one hour bus at 5:30, 7:00, 12:00 and 15:20.

How to get to Playa Ostional:

To get there, if you travel by private transport, you should go to San Juan del Sur, take the road to Playa Hermosa and then follow a dirt road that leads to the village.
If you travel by public transport, you have the option of:

Take a bus from Managua to Rivas, which depart every 30 minutes from the "Roberto Huembes Market." In Rivas you should take the bus to Ostional, this part only 3 times a day, from the "Rivas Municipal Market".