playa chacocente

Playa Chacocente - Carazo - Nicaragua

Chacocente Beach:

Perhaps the most important tourist attraction in the department of Carazo

Natural Reserve Refugio Chacocente Escalante

Located in the Municipality of Santa Teresa, between the beaches of El Astillero and Acosaco, you will find Chacocente Beach, the maritime point of the well-known Refugio Chacocente-Escalante, a natural reserve of great national importance.

Paslama Turtles in Reserve Chacocente Escalante

On the beach thousands of Paslama turtles come to spawn every year, creating an excellent natural spectacle that visitors remember for the rest of their lives. The spawning season occurs between the months of July and January.

playa chacocente

playa chacocente

The Refugio Chacocente extends far beyond, following the Escalante River, whose development ends at the beach itself and forms an incredible place where the nature of the area is shown at its best.

Preservation of Refugio Chacocente Escalante 

The MARENA is in charge of its management and preservation, and can be visited by paying a symbolic entrance. The same body allows camping on the beach and guarantees the safety of its visitors.

If you have time and you are in the area, drop by the beach and enjoy its natural wonders.

Tourism in Playa Chacocente:

In the same has been developed community tourism, who have gathered around a tourist cooperative and offer visitors food services, guided walks and where to sleep at very affordable prices.


The easiest way to get to the beach is from the city of Santa Teresa, where a dirt road takes you directly to the beach. * Take a detour on the left - clearly signposted - on the road leading to the sea.

You can also arrive from Tola, arriving at the beach of El Astillero and continuing along a road that joins it with the station of MARENA.