Merida and San Ramón - Ometepe Island

Mérida and San Ramon are two small towns located to the south of the Ometepe island and in the skirt of the volcano Maderas, both in the coast of the lake.

San Ramon and its waterfall

San Ramón is known for its waterfall, which is located about 4 kilometers from the urban core. It is a recommendable place for a good walk on foot enjoying the nature to finish it with a pleasant bath at the foot of the waterfall.

biological station in San Ramón 

It is interesting also the biological research station located in San Ramón, place of study of the biosphere of the zone by many Students, both national and foreign. Where it is easy to see monkeys and other native species of the zone.

Mérida -Ometepe Island-

Merida is chosen mainly for its advantageous position of the volcano Maderas, from where it is easier to begin the expedition to reach the summit.

Mérida its a quiet place to stay

It is a small village that is not as visited as the rest of the area, which makes it charming to find a space of tranquility and relaxation. The sunsets from Merida are especially beautiful. There are also several places to rent kayak boats and visit the lake islets or get away to the lonely beaches.

In both Merida and San Ramón, we will also find lodging offer, popular kitchens and services such as renting Kayaks or horseback riding, both sites are perfect to get away from the world and have a few days of tranquility with a relaxed atmosphere.

Maderas Volcano Excursion

Also, if you are planning to climb Maderas Volcano, San Ramón or Merida are the right places to start the excursion.

In both places you will easily find local guides that accompany you along the way. Remember: It is not allowed by the authorities to make the way on your own without a guide who knows the area.