Las Peñitas Poneloya Beach

Las Peñitas - Poneloya Beach

Las Peñitas Poneloya Beach

Las Peñitas Poneloya Beach. Both beaches are located just 18 km from the city of León and are highly prized for tourism. Black sand beaches where you can enjoy beautiful walks, sunsets, walks, boat trips, fishing, barbecues, water activities, surfing ...

Las Peñitas:

It is the first of the two beaches that we find; At the junction of the road, you must take the turnoff to the left. From the detour there are about two km of road parallel to the beach with houses, restaurants and hostels on both sides of the road.

At the end of it, we will reach a bay where most of the beach life is made. It is normal to see there large groups of craftsmen fishing boats, as well as tourists in some of the bars in the area.

The beach of Las Peñitas is a beautiful long beach and well qualified for tourism. To walk in it, to go jogging in the mornings or to enjoy its spectacular sunsets is indescribable. Perfect place to relax.

Surf in Las Peñitas, León:

For surf lovers it is also very coveted, since there are always good waves and people ready to surf. Several businesses in the sector are based in the area.

Normally it is a very quiet beach and it is easy to find where to sleep and eat in it, although during Holy Week or Christmas seasons it is full of tourism and atmosphere. Both domestic and foreign.

Las Peñitas Poneloya Beach

On the beach of the peñitas is the island of Juan Venado, nature reserve of great interest located between the sea and the estuaries of La Garita and La Barra.


Las Peñitas Poneloya Beach

In the detour that divides the road from the beaches from León, Poneloya is on the right. Adjacent to the road that leads to the shore of the beach and which is no more than 1km long, a group of houses are erected on each side. Among them, some hotel, restaurant and local business.

It is a very popular beach among Nicaraguans and during the holidays it is full of atmosphere. So much in the dates of the Purísima -December 7-, like Christmas, End of year or Holy Week.

On the beach there are several restaurants and some hotel, most of them at popular prices. Seafood and fish are very much appreciated by the vacationers who visit it.

Las Peñitas Poneloya Beach

When bathing you have to be very careful, since although it is calm appearance, there are strong currents in the water that can drag you sea to inside. Especially when the tide is high. If you want to get into the water, make sure you have enough swimming skills and knowledge and do not do it alone.


To get to the beaches you must cross León and take the road towards the beaches, passing Sutiava. To get in Bus you can take a bus from those that leave at the Mercadito de Sutiava.