la concordia

La Concordia

where La concordia is located?

This small and quiet municipality in the department of Jinotega, La Concordia, is located 197 kilometers from the capital, Managua, and 28 from the departmental head, city of Jinotega, and was founded in 1851.

In the center of this quiet municipality we can visit the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, neoclassical style and which has an important collection of objects and religious images of the nineteenth century. The Franciscan Father Odorico d'Andrea carried out the remodeling of this building which is currently in the process of being declared National Heritage.

la concordia

that national hero was born in La concordia?

The Concord is also marked by one of the most important personages of the history of Nicaragua, General Benjamin Zeledón, who was born in this municipality on October 4, 1879. This Hero and Martyr was assassinated on October 4, 1912 in the Battle of Coyotepe in Masaya in full defense of National Sovereignty. One of his most remembered phrases is "I was born free, I lived free and I want to die free." Today the general's home is converted into the Municipal House of Culture.

A few kilometers from the town center of this municipality we find La Cascada del Cascabel and Las Ventanas Cave as well as petroglyphs and indigenous tombs.

Natural Reserve Miraflor-Moropotente

In the territory of the Concord is part of the Natural Reserve Miraflor-Moropotente, that also extends in the municipality of Yalí and in the municipalities of Estelí and Condega, of the department of Estelí. In this area we find Los Petroglyphs of Santana, located 7 kilometers from the town center and the Cascada del BarrancoBlanco a challenge for the more adventurous.

In the area we can find several agritouristic farms that offer lodging and food services and the possibility to know more closely the production of coffee and sugar mills.

The festivities of La Concordia are in honor of the Virgin of Lourdes on 11 February.

How to get La Concordia?

If you travel by private transport from the City of Jinotega you must take the road that goes towards San Rafael del Norte.

If you are traveling by public transport from the city of Jinotega, you should take any bus in the north terminal, that goes to La Concordia, San Rafael del Norte or Yalí. The Jinotega-La Concordia buses depart at 5:15 a.m., 7:15 a.m. And 9:30 p.m.

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