Galerías Santo Domingo - Managua - Nicaragua

Galerías Santo Domingo or "Galerías" as it is popularly called, is a commercial center of the city of Managua, located at km 7 Carretera a Masaya near the roundabout Jean Paul Genie, an area of great commercial and urban growth.

It is a modern shopping mall, safe and with a relaxed atmosphere. Galleries is the largest and exclusive shopping center in the country, so it has become a very important reference of the city.

Shops in Galerías Santo Domingo

Galerías Santo Domingo has a great variety of shops with tendencies for all types of occasion, but it is the diversity of brands that makes its stores the best option to buy, since it has more than 130 commercial establishments with prestigious brands as:

Mango, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, Guess, Nine West, Zara, Almacenes Siman, Calvin Klein among others.

In Galerías Santo Domingo you will find shops of different categories:

Sports, Home - Decoration, Jewelery, Bookstores, Fashion and accessories, Children, Perfumery, Beauty salons, Miscellaneous services, Technologies, Computers and Cameras, Telephones, Shoes.

Cinema Galería Santo Domingo

Galerias Santo Domingo also has a complex of 10 cinemas of the Cinemas line, which is characterized by its healthy, safe, clean, comfortable and modern environment. What makes Cinemas Galleries one of the best options of cinema in the capital.

Cinemas Galerias offers:

Online ticket sales, Café Cinemas, Club Cinemas, VIP Room, 2D and 3D Digital, Dolby Digital Surround, VISTA Software, Stadium Seating, Special Access to Wheelchairs, Reservations and Tickets Purchase by Phone.

Restaurants in Galerías Santo Domingo

Galerías has a Viva Zone consisting of more than 20 restaurants with different concepts such as seafood, Japanese food, Mediterranean fusion, Spanish, Mexican and Italian, bars, sport bar, discos, karaokes and a sports area.

This space is the biggest attraction of Galerias Santo Domingo, where activities are organized with live music, which makes it a pleasant and relaxed space to spend with family or friends.

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