Oriental Market Mercado oriental

Oriental Market - Managua - Nicaragua

oriental Market

Oriental Market or Mercado Oriental It is the largest market in Latin America where you can find anything and at the best prices, although you have to handle the art of bargaining well.

The biggest market in Latin America

The typical phrase for Nicaraguans is: "If you do not find it in El Oriental, you will not find it anywhere."

Well in it you can find all kinds of food, technology, souvenirs, spare parts of vehicles ... Absolutely everything you can think of.

Security inside Mercado Oriental:

Although it is a place crowded by thieves is relatively safe, since lately they have improved security a lot and you find many policemen walking around all the corners.

If you have the opportunity to go to know the site with some local guide, do not let it escape, as it is something impressive to wander through the absolute chaos ordered.


The Oriental Market is located to the east of the old center of the city, next to Garden City. You can reach it from any point of the city by taxi or by local bus that goes to Ciudad Jardin.

Oriental Market Map