Cerro Arenal

Cerro Arenal Nature Reserve

We head for the Cerro Arenal Natural Reserve, 15 kilometers from Matagalpa City,

As we approach the reserve on the road from Matagalpa to Jinotega, the weather gets cooler, a fog is enveloping us and it seems to us to be in the middle of a postcard typical of a fairytale.

High mountains, up to 1,500 meters high, spectacular panoramic views, flower and vegetable crops on both sides of the road, indigenous communities and communities that still maintain some features that indicate the presence of German settlers in the area.

About 13 kilometers from the city of Matagalpa within the nature reserve is a mandatory stop at Cerro Partido viewpoint, where on a clear day you can see the volcanic mountain range of the Pacific area.

In the viewpoint is a restaurant founded by an Englishman.

The reserve was declared a protected area in 1991.

The nature reserve is located in the middle of two mountain ranges, Isabelia and Dariense, there are a variety of routes adapted to the demand of visitors, from the shortest to the most difficult.

You will be able to walk through cloud forests, and observe the richness of its fauna; a great variety of birds, such as quetzals, and if you are lucky you will be able to see monkeys.

There is a great variety of flora, such as the centenary oak, the oldest in the country, which has more than 500 years of history, a height of about 40 meters and a diameter of more than 2.5 meters.

The area where the Reserve is located has been developing in sustainable rural tourism, agro-ecological tourism, community-based and responsible rural tourism,

which offers in-farm lodging with full accommodation, food and tour of the reserve according to the visitor's interests.

Enjoy nature from within, get to know its riches, get to know vegetable production or tour the flowers with the help of community guides,

Enjoy authentic food and a cup of freshly brewed coffee with one of the best beans in the country, this and more offers the Cerro de los Arenales Nature Reserve.

You can also visit the community of Aranjuez, inside the Reserve and get to know the elaboration of handmade henequen.