Selva Negra Nicaragua
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Situated very close to the departmental capital city -Matagalpa- we find the Selva Negra Natural Reserve, within which there is a private Ecolodge.

Its rainforest, at 1200m altitude, characteristic of the Matagalpina mountain peaks, has been carefully managed by this private entity.

In general, most of Matagalpa's forests have been deforested for coffee or agricultural purposes.

Therefore, having a forest that guarantees the management of resources and preserves its natural essence is very important and interesting to know.

In it you can enjoy activities related to nature, hiking, bird watching (more than 200 species live in the reserve), even see monkey families in their wild habitat, there are thematic tours (tour del café, nature tour).

You will have the opportunity to go horseback riding within the reserve or visit the Coffee Museum to learn more about the entire process of this crop, from planting to its transformation process, or simply rest in beautiful ranches observing nature in its purest state.

Inside the reserve there is an artificial lagoon.

Inside the reserve there is a chapel where celebrations are held.

The area also has an excellent restaurant and places to sleep.

Although if you want to make a visit of a single day, you can do it for the price of 5U$ per person, consumables in the restaurant.


To get to Selva Negra from Matagalpa take the road to Jinotega, located at km 140 and clearly visible from the road, you will find the entrance to the enclosure.

You can get there by bus with those who travel the route of Matagalpa-Jinotega, although you will have to walk a little bit from the entrance of the road to the enclosure.