Muy Muy Nicaragua

Muy Muy 

Muy Muy is a small town located 147 kilometers from the capital, Managua.

It is a meeting and communication point between the three regions of the country.

In Nahuatl language "Muy Muy" means "otter" or "water dog".

The economy of this municipality is based mainly on agriculture, predominantly basic grains, but also highlights the production of tomatoes and chillies as well as coffee.

Muy Muy is one of the 4 municipalities of the "Milky Way", the largest milk producing region of the country, so if you want to eat rich cheese and cream, is in the right place.

If you were looking for a "Sandino" or "Texan" style boots, look no further, in Muy Muy you will find a leather craftsman who makes authentic works of art of high quality.

Muy Muy, in spite of being a small municipality and little known tourist, surprises us pleasantly with the variety of attractions that it offers us.

Not far from the town centre in the eastern part of the city, we find the beehive of Garnacha, hot waters with healing properties.

But if what we are looking for are fresh waters to take a bath, we can go to Salto el Esquirín, only 8 kilometers from the municipality.

The meeting point of the Rivers Grande and Tapasle, where the paraprecipitate waters fuse together in a vacuum forming the 6-metre high jump.

Just 4 kilometres from the town centre, in the region of El Corozo, we find what is known as the "Corozo wall".

There are several theories about the origin of this rock formation of more than 3 kilometers in diameter.

There are those who say it is due to the impact of a meteorite (aerolite) and other much more reliable versions say it is of volcanic origin.

On the road to Boaco, 12 kilometers from Muy Muy, we find the unknown Olama Canyon.

The Olama River, which rises at the top of Cerro Cumaica, has made its way through the rocks of volcanic origin throughout history.

The river runs its course between cliffs, waterfalls, some over 5 meters high and pools that invite us to cool down on a hot summer day.

In Muy Muy you can find agro-ecological farms that offer visitors the possibility of lodging, food, and an approach to different production processes of the rubles that are produced in the area, such as coffee. In some of them you can go deeper into the fauna and flora of the area.

The patron saint festivities of Muy Muy are celebrated on 25th April, in honour of San Benito de Palermo


If you travel in your own vehicle you can take the road from Boaco to reach this municipality.

If you travel by public transport you can take the direct buses that leave either from Boaco or from Managua in the bus terminal of the Wholesale.