puerto salvador allende managua

Puerto Salvador Allende - Managua

Puerto Salvador Allende

Puerto Salvador Allende It is a tourist center located in the Malecón of Managua, to the north of the Capital, and is relatively new.

It was inaugurated in the year 2008 and its name is in honor to the Chilean ex- president Salvador Allende.

This is a boulevard on the shores of Lake Xolotlan (Managua) with a boat dock.

In it you can find several restaurants, bars, pubs or other attractions.

It maintains its maximum effervescencia in the night of the weekends, when the Managua go out to distract there.

puerto salvador allende managua

In the port, where is located a permanent photographic exhibition that shows the history of the lake,

You can take a boat that takes a stroll along the lake and reaches the Island of Love.

The views of the city of Managua from the lake are very beautiful. The cost of the boat ride is 70 C$ for adults and 20 C$ for children.

If you arrive in your own vehicle to the port, you can park it in the parking lot of the port for 10C $ which is continuously monitored.


Puerto Salvador Allende it's easy to arrive. Just go to Plaza Inter and Paseo Allende, next to Rotonda Hugo Chávez.